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Management 3.0 Foundations Workshop
Management 3.0 Foundations + Workout Workshop
Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online Workshop
Management 3.0 Fundamentals PLus Workshop
Management 3.0 Energizing People Workshop
Leading through Practical Leadership Workshop

ShiftUp - Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) Workshop
TESTA Method Program
Your Lean path to evolve Workshop

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Christina Chan (4.5/5)
His knowledge about this matter and his way to share it.

Santiago Sánchez García, CECA Bank (5/5)
Puso ejemplos de la vida real que ayudaron a comprender mejor los temas del curso. Se hicieron muchas prácticas y resolvió muchas dudas. Generó un buen entorno de colaboración

David Depedroviejo, atmira (5/5)
Primitivo is a very close and easy to speak facilitator. He bring\'s on, not only knowledge, also real case scenarios that provide a better understanding and succesful deployment of these methodologies.

Lucas Mazzino, Kairos Digital Solutions & Big Data (5/5)
Knowledge, experience and passion.

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