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The consequences of actions through conscious awareness in antifragile leadership

To be an anti-fragile leader you have to focus on the desired results and not on the solution.

There are two threats to anti-fragility today, excessive stress on the system and insufficient or no recovery.

It is worth being small, less is more, self-leadership (distributed leadership understood from the self-leadership of people) generates a more important and impacting guerrilla war. An anti-fragil system is composed of smaller, fragile parts, because you generate agility (easier to adapt being small than big) and lasting flexibility.

By developing an internal response to stress and variability, in short periods of time it develops like our skeleton; the bones, are kept strong by the limited stress to which we subject them.

Generating redundancy to prosper, efficiency is not the main objective, or should not be in an organization, it is a panic mission in many situations when we have external stressors. The goal is to thrive in uncertainty with layered redundancy. The human body has redu…

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