º creating a purpose ~ benefiting from changes through Lean and Agile approaches

creating a purpose

This dynamic emerged from the idea of helping to create a purpose in the company.

We have based this on the Meaning and Purpose module of the Jurgen Appelo Management 3.0 book: http://management30.com/modules/meaning-and-purpose

On the other hand, to achieve the purpose we also briefly use the Moving Motivators technique to look for the initial motivations of the people: http://management30.com/practice/moving-motivators

We  held a first  session so that each one could identify their purposes in the current work they are doing.

On the other hand, we ask about their purpose in the work so they can see if they are aligned with their current global purpose or not. If any of your motivations are not in the Moving Motivators cards we have them written in their post-its.

In a second round we make a selection of purpose / s as a team or group / department within the company. Looking for what purpose they have as a team or what purpose the team has, if it agrees with their vision or if they have lost part of their purpose / s as an individual.

Finally he asks about the purpose of the company, or what is the purpose that they see or understand that their company has. This part can be useful if there are management or top level members to check the alignment or vision in all the layers; allowing taking actions to improve the transparency and transmission of the organizational vision.

 But the session does not end here, it ends when they themselves are moved to a higher level with the question:

What purpose or purposes would transcend the company? Change!

In this part we align on the basis of all the purposes that have been emerging to create a purpose that endeavors to work, commit and generate a unique vision (aligned or not with the current vision of the company) but that will help to move - align - generate a new culture of values ​​around the purpose generated.


The exercise in this part may undergo a modification indicating the overall purpose of the company by the C-level and finally without members of that level to establish how aligned are the previous purposes with the corporate, how easy / difficult they seem to achieve or that should change to get the alignment company and purpose of transcendence.

 Trascendence & Purpose:


The lessons learned are based on people, a team conscience is created, everything is reflected in the offered learning, it is constituted in a collective conscience and they can help each other

to achieve their purposes that are for the good of the team, the company and the clients. Create happy consciences on which to rely to estalish an evolution in the teams. 

It allows creating a "manifesto" or internal motivations in the company that will serve to facilitate job interviews, in order to see potencial candidates more or less aligned with the culture of the company.

This dynamic serves as a basics for conducting job interviews with the detailed moving motivators in the dynamic "moving motivators in job interview".