Happy motivators

A long time ago, we conducted a retrospective of clients based on the Moving Motivators cards.


 More info at : https://management30.com/practice/moving-motivators/


For this we try to determine the degree of satisfaction in certain projects for the staff of a company.

First, the list of current and past projects is listed, and in 3 areas it is established with the arms of startfish:

1) what projects make you very happy and why.

2) what projects make you unhappy and why.

3) what projects not have problems.


After a round of sharing and sharing the emotions generated in these projects, we look for a second grouping based on the Moving Motivators to indicate:

- What do you think makes you feel unhappy or frustrated?

- What do you think helped you make you happy?

Then a final round is made indicating that it would change to reverse the situation and map those actions with motivators in motion necessary to increase the climate of satisfaction of the teams and a final reflection on whether they can be achieved in the short - medium - long term. 



Learning is powerful feedback, is received, first hand seeing first that potencial candidates can or can not go back to a client, even a feedback of problems or recurring positive aspects between different clients.

In a relaxed atmosphere, people express themselves more easily, being able to freely express their opinion about their work, their project and their client without feeling observed, since it a dynamic of continuous improvement, experimentation and learning.