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Moving motivators in job interview.

Moving motivators is an excellent exercise to go over what drives your colleges/employees/team members. It is about the individuals, about their aspirations, their goals, and whatever really matters to them. Out of several models and characteristics, Jürgen Appelo selected ten crucial traits which form the Moving Motivators model. By applying this model within our organizations, we have the opportunity to set up the conditions to increase the chance of people being motivated.

Now, what gives Moving Motivators a completely new dimension, is the fact that several companies began applying them at job interviews!

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When hiring a new member of the crew, it surely helps to know what are the factors, within a business context, which drive this potential college to give his best at work.

Some aspects to consider when applying Moving Motivators at job interviews:

  • Involve the future employee in an easy going conversation, before bringing Moving Motivators on the table. Maybe the very first interview is not the best moment for this exercise! At the second interview, the potential employee may feel already familiar with the environment and there is a higher possibility that he lays back.

  • Create a safe environment for the Moving Motivator exercise. During the interview, honesty is key, but the ‘new kid on the block’ has to get the feeling ‘I can be myself at this place’.

  • As an interviewer, be the first to do the Moving Motivator exercise. This will allow the potential employee to see how it works, and, by sharing some insights about yourself, makes it easier for the would-be college to imitate you!

  • Try different set ups for the Moving Motivators, so that there is a chance to play them from different perspectives: the future college can set them up considering the priorities of his private life, or maybe present them in order of relevance regarding his current job, or even highlighting the modifications what moving to a new company would bring into the actual order.


Moving Motivators is a great technique, which can be apply both in your daily work, team improvement or as a hiring tool. It is crucial though, for people to be honest and transparent, to secure a safe environment.