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Delegation Poker

I discovered this dynamic a long time ago, as Jurgen Appelo says:

 "delegation is not easy. Managers often fear a loss of control when considering to allow teams to self-organize, and creative networkers sometimes don’t know how to self-organize. A delegation board enables management to clarify delegation and to foster empowerment for both management and workers."

The dynamic are explained bellow: https://management30.com/product/delegation-poker/

I consider it completely indispensable when you start any kind of transformation in a client or company. In this way people will know their levels of delegation, it is a self-knowledge and self-learning.

I always follow the dynamic to the letter, because it has a lot of potential. Initially we read the 7 levels of delegation and explain its context, why it applies and what is the motivation of each level of delegation. This dynamic is very indicated for medium-high levels so that they themselves know themselves at their level of delegation.

Here is a series of case studies and their level of delegation, we open a small debate about what they think of these conclusions or scores.

 Latter we distribute the decks of cards and explain the complete dynamics.

Finally we added a Delegation Board on a blackboard to add scores. We detail bellow: https://management30.com/practice/delegation-board/

Later we work on a series of examples that we detail bellow:

- Create the architecture, a professional development team will build, monitor and regulate traffic with traffic lights in a new development of 10.000 inhabitants. What level of authority would you give the team?

- Choose a new CRM tool for the company, the existing one has reached its limit and does not satisfy the needs anymore, a team will direct the study of the tool that best adapts, impact and its implementation. What level of delegation would you give to the team?

- Organize an event, we have been ordered to create a team of employees to fill a night of games for all employees in the office, ther is a fixed budget. What level of delegation would you give the team?

 So during 10 situations that arise!

Following the steps of the dynamic, each members eads a case, them chooses the level of delegation that he considers appropiate, and the letters selectd by each one are shared.

Everyone earns a point except the major or minor minority (the extreme cards that have come out in a unique way), between the major and minor cards the conclusions are discussed and put in common. The scores obtained are added to the Delegation Board that we finally share.


The level of learning is absolutely beautiful and very great!
People know themselves at their levels of delegation! Said statements such as:
"I never thought i would have this level of delegation".
"I never imagined i would delegate so much".
"I have a lot to work on in order to be agile because i did not think i had this level of control".

They generate synergies, beatuiful discussions of the root cause of their level of delegation, they compare themselves with the rest of people and establish ties to face future situations!

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