Principles and values, necessary in any society, more in the COVID19 era

In current times, the depths of our traditions, habits, culture, collaborations, relationships and economic models are being questioned. It has become clear that in a world so fast due to globalization, any minimal impact on one point of the planet can be devastating globally.

Every society is based on a series of principles and values ​​that govern it:

- Individual identity.

- Love.

- Friendship.

- Social networks.

- Cooperation.

- Preferences by a group.

- Social learning.

In a confined situation, the focus had to be on individual identity, individual love, because the part of friendship, social networks and cooperation has been relegated to an online mode based on internet platforms, social learning has been mitigated initially with an individual learning.

Social maturity comes based on 3 premises:

- Dependency: YOU take care of me, with which I can blame you for the results.

- Independence: I am free from others, I can do.

- Interdependence: We to achieve what we want.

The first moral problem presented is that states have confined people because HE cares for us, collides with the second, that of independence of I am free to do.

The second is often misinterpreted, one is free to do within your rights and under the duties or obligations to be performed as members of a society, provided that the health of others is not endangered. The revelation of not wearing the mask in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic is not due to the independence of I am free to do, but rather the dependence on I am the first one that I have to take care of myself. Only from that premise can we take care of the rest, taking care of ourselves.

The use of a mask is to avoid infecting other people in case we are infected and do not know it, it is not to protect ourselves from others, it is to protect the rest of ourselves.

That is the great change, WE ARE USED TO TAKE PROTECTIVE MEASURES FOR OTHERS, BUT NOT BEING AT THE SERVICE OF OTHERS PROTECTING THEM FROM US. The reason is simple, we have never considered ourselves a threat to anyone, nor to ourselves, error, our first threat is ourselves as a result of our habits, created, developed, internalized and believed as a dogma of faith.

We are governed by a series of principles oriented to conscience:

- The human being is not an object.

- Principle of equality.

- Respect for natural law.

- Democracy and participation.

- Individual freedom.

- Peaceful coexistence.

- Human dignity.

- Social justice.

- Leadership with social responsibility.

And a series of values ​​oriented to individual behavior and personality:

- Humility.

- Responsibility.

- Sincerity.

- Respect.

- Justice.

- Gratitude.

- Solidarity.

- Tolerance.

- Honesty.

- Loyalty.

- Transparency.

A paradigm is the assumptions of how the world is, we see it as we are, not as it really is.

Our attitude and behavior flow from our paradigm. To change this paradigm we must change the role, change the attitude and behavior by introducing new habits that make us question our paradigm. How we define ourselves, how we see ourselves, how we see our level of responsibility. You must always be loyal to the absent. If you do not receive feedback you do not give feedback (I feel that ... and you are not ...)

The basic needs of every human being are to live, love, grow and learn and leave a legacy, for this we must develop strong principles and values ​​as a society that allow us to leave a legacy as humanity.