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About me


 teaching 'the why' behind everything we do

Primi is Seito & Sempai of the Toyota Sensei Ritsuo Shingo, Lean & Agile expert & Senior Organizational Agility Consultant.

He advise companies to achieve sustainable & effective outcomes with Lean & Agile approaches.

Primi is certified in Business Agility, Innovation, Leadership, Kanban, Enterprise Service Planning, Lean & TPS, strategic coordination, Scrum & Scrum at Scale.

Primi has experience in software development for more than 30 years and since 2011 contributing to the Radical Organizational Evolution (Business & Digital Transformation comes too late) with Lean - Agile approaches with the best reviews in sectors as diverse as Aerospace and Military, Banking, Governments and Institutions, Shops, Sports, Energy, Automotive, Health, Telecommunications, Insurance, Postal Services and Infrastructures.

How primi can contribute you? With focus in a new more Humane Leadership,  Organizational Flow & Strategic Antifragility to give:

• advising & consulting to evolve strategies, governance, porfolios & structures to adapt to environment.
• coaching to develop a new more humane leadership, behaviours, practices & interactions.
• training & facilitation in purpose, leadership, Lean, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Business Agility, innovation, Resilience & Antifragility to enable change.
• materialize end to end antifragility, resilience, innovation, adaptation and efficiency.

Primi believes that we do not develop value, only opportunities until the customer has it in their hands, with people committed to take possession solutions to problems, because there is no organizational culture, only aptitude and behaviors in people.

His purpose is become antifragile with a new more humane leadership, organizational flow & strategic antifragility.

Primi is creator of TESTA Method (A method to Transform Emotions & Sentiments Transcending through Actions), coaching towards antifragility to help people to evolve through purpose.

Among his traning services he have certified courses as:

- Management 3.0 Foundation Workshop
- Management 3.0 Foundation + Workout Workshop
- Management 3.0 Fundamentals & Plus Workshop
- Management 3.0 Energizing People Workshop
- Business Agility & Innovation Leader (ICAgile ICP-BAF Certified) Workshop
- Your Lean path to evolve through gemba Workshop
- Discovering your Ikigai Workshop
- A New More Humane Leadership Program
- TESTA Method Program
- Strategic Antifragility Program

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