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About me


 teaching 'the why' behind everything we do

As Lean & Agile expert I have the honor of being Sempai of Toyota Sensei Ritsuo Shingo. Through consulting, coaching & training I help lead people in organizations, achieving sustainable outcomes with quality and satisfaction,  shorted leadtimes & evolve the world of work to become antifragile organizations through TPS (Lean) & Agile approaches.

With focus on Leadership, Resilient Learning, Organizational Flow & Strategic Antifragility, I have 30+ years of experience in software development, I discovered Scrum in 2006-2007 and in 2011 decided to contribute to the Radical Organizational Evolution with Lean & Agile, because I noticed that unfortunately, Business & Digital Transformation comes too late. So now I'm focused on Lean and Agile approaches, gathering excellent reviews in sectors as diverse as Aerospace, Military, Banking, Governments and Institutions, Shops, Sports, Energy, Automotive, Health, Telecommunications, Insurance, Postal Services and Infrastructures.

So this is how I can help you and your organization:
Advising & consulting to develop strategies, governance, portfolios & structures to become antifragile.
Coaching to develop practical humane leadership, behaviours & interactions to become resilient, antifragile, unleashing human potential.
Training & facilitation in Ikigai, purpose, Leadership, TPS, Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Business Agility, Innovation, Resilient Learning, Organizational Flow & Strategic Antifragility to enable change and evolve.

I believe that we don't provide value, but we only provide opportunities until the customer has it in their hands, with people committed to taking possession of solutions to problems, because there's no organizational culture, only aptitude and behaviors in people.

My purpose is a better world of work, my mission is to help people & organizations to become antifragile with a new, more humane leadership to give a continuous flow of value & my vision is a sustainable & adaptable world with better services & products of which we are proud.

Finally, I'm the creator of TESTA Method (A method to Transform Emotions & Sentiments Transcending through Actions), coaching towards resilience & antifragility to help people to evolve.

Among my training services I have these certifiable courses, Micro-Workshops, Workshops & Programs:
• Management 3.0 Foundation, Workout, Fundamentals (presential, online, plus), Energizing People
• Business Agility & Innovation (ICAgile ICP-BAF Certified)
• Leading through your Ikigai
• Your Lean path to evolve through gemba
• Resilient Learning
• Flow
• Your Antifragility path
• TESTA Method Program