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Organizational Flow

Helping solve problems where they happen (Gemba)

As Sensei Ritsuo Shingo said, TPS (Toyota Production System) is the accumulation of small ideas from around the world, to continually change based on the appropriateness of your situation (context).

Ritsuo Shingo, the son of the prestigious Father of Modern Manufacture Shigeo Shingo has been considered the Nobel Prize in Manufacturing, Ritsuo Shingo was the translator of the first book on Toyota Production System in English written by his father, with whom I have had the pleasure of training in Practical Leadership Skills and learning from his wisdom and experience about the 'genba', Lean and TPS (Toyota Production System).

Lean is not just about efficiency and waste elimination. Lean is more than 5S, TPM, SMED, Poka yoke, takt time, Jidoka, Shojinka, Soifuku or JIT, is a culture based on value, flow and the search for perfection with respect towards people.

I help to create of safety nets, with psychologically safe environments, maximizing the use of scarce resources (maximizing the existing talent), making continuous improvement, reducing costs, improving quality and productivity through constant exchange information process value  (pull and not push) that allow adaptation, fostering a culture of collaboration both internally and externally with suppliers in the long term.

The purpose of a leader is to help others to achieve the objectives, adapting said purpose to the cultural and social context to make products and services with value for the client are designed, generating mutual benefit for the client and the supplier.

I help with lean cultural model supported by the "toyota way", with a focus on continuous improvement, toyota kata and PDCA, holding Kaizen events, developing the "go & observe" culture in the gemba walk (big ear, big eye) , waste elimination, process adaptation, strategic obeya room, hoshin kanri, making value stream mapping and value stream design more necessary than ever today. 

adapt to give the customer what they need

I help to introduce innovation, continuous & disruption to generate sustainable strategies in the medium - long term. Companies are not created to be efficient, but to be disruptive & innovators. Disruptive innovation invalidates the old beliefs that existed until then. You can sell the same as the rest, but in a different way.

Agile is not interiorized agile manifest only, the Organizational Agility is not simply about developing the adaptability necessary to generate value or create a continuous flow of value, but also about avoiding the waste of building something that should never have been built with innovation.

The four forms to incorporate Organizational Flow are time, location, role and source. These four speak to when do people work, where they work, what people do and who does the work.

Organizational Efficiency is about giving the customer what he wants when he wants it. Organizational Efficiency is managing economically in the most optimal way to offer value to the customer. Being predictable is forecasting the delivery of value within an acceptable degree of uncertainty. Only by combining this effectiveness, efficiency and predictability can we come close to Organizational Agility & I help you to achieve.

To do this, the organization must allow employees to commit, take care of each other, discover ingenious solutions and obtain exceptional results through clear responsibilities and in a sustainable way over time giving the best value for the customer continuously.

I help you to generate adaptability through agility to be able to provide services and products of value continuously to the client, through agility, experimentation and closeness to the client with organizational flow & better interactions.