Coaching & Mentoring

to adapt & benefit from continuous change


The mentor does not teach. It helps the mentee to develop personally in an integral way to be a better professional.

Both with agile coaching, as with executive and life coaching, I help to be at the service of a shared mission with a greater purpose.

Working from your Ikigai (passion, mission, vocation and profession), ensuring the knowledge acquired to develop applicable skills that maximize productivity and satisfaction.

The impact of coaching can be measured at the cognitive level (problem solving), affective level (self-efficacy, well-being and satisfaction), developed skills and results (both at the individual, team or organizational level).

Helping to develop adaptive skills that release human potential, so necessary in current times and in Industry 4.0.

I have had the pleasure of being able to train in coaching both with Jeff Sutherland co-creator of the Scrum framework as well as Scrum@Scale.  


I have had the pleasure of training as a Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) with David J. Anderson creator of the Kanban method, to guide you through his teachings and examples to evolve in the implementation of both work models to improve their teams and organizations.



Ritsuo Shingo, the son of the prestigious Father of Modern Manufacture Shigeo Shingo has been considered the Nobel Prize in Manufacturing, Ritsuo Shingo was the translator of the first book on Toyota Production System in English written by his father, with whom I have had the pleasure of training in Practical Leadership Skills and learning from his wisdom and experience about the 'genba', Lean and TPS.



Promote leadership through coaching by consciously transcending purpose, developing situational awareness, systemic ethics to have an impact, as well as evolving towards anti-frailty as an individual, team and organization.

Also through the mentoring process, to expand thinking and learn from all available resources through accompaniment and guidance, through specific programs or sessions.

I offer a program with 6 sessions of 120 minutes duration for 500 euros / 600 USD.

I offer an individual or group coaching program, not just agile, for facilitators, leaders and consultants with weekly sessions based on the knowledge and experience of more than 30 years in the profession and more than 10 years in agility, with topics as varied as :

  • Effective meetings (not just dailies).
  • Coordination of teams and interactions.
  • Work the product prior to the backlog.
  • Continuous improvement to unleash the potential of people.


I offer a program with 12 sessions of 120 minutes duration for 900 euros / 1000 USD and individual sessions by 150 euros /h (200 USD /h).

Both during and after, you will have access to a community of knowledge, people to answer questions and grow exponentially based on shared experiences.

  • Training for minds.  
  • Implantation a culture of learning. 
  • Learning styles. 
  • Conversations.
  • Human leadership. 
  • Time management and GTD.
  • Prioritization and organization.
  • Emotional intelligence and team management.
  • Change management.
  • Lean Behaviors.
  • Agile behaviors. 
  • Innovative behaviors.
  • Innovation environment.
  • Psychological safety and environment of trust.


Way to pay:

  •  PayPal (From 3 To 12 Months Without Interest) 
  • Stripe (debit & credit cards) 
  • Wire transfer

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