I accompany you to solve problems and get outcomes!!


Through organizational agility, several consulting areas are available to help adapt to the times.

 From strategic management, models and organizational design, collaborating in organizational change, fostering collaboration, transparency and agile interactions at all levels, to generate continuous value for the customer.

I help accelerate the Lean - Agile mindset beyond "digital transformations." For me it is an evolution in the organization or company, focused on the delivery of value, being more resilient and approaching anti-fragility to obtain competitive advantages based on changes with improvements in leadership, processes, people and interactions.

Based on the domains of leadership (strategic and organizational), culture and people, finally on processes and their interaction.

I help through organizational agility to improve all areas of an organization, from talent, operations, marketing / commercial technological areas, being artisans of agility to favor improvement. Design Thinking, Lean, Lean StartUp, Scrum, XP, Kanban, Scrum @ Scale, Leadership, Management 3.0, ShiftUp & innovation.

Practical Humane Leadership

People Agility is based on a change of focus on tasks to the development of people through new leadership, management 3.0, agile interactions, sociocracy and holicracy, supported by the empowerment of teams based on a shared purpose, high performance teams , continuous improvement, team science.

Strategic Agility is impacted, through a defined leadership, according to the times, innovative and disruptive with best practices that allow having a purpose and adaptation to said purpose, strategic tools to mark the north, strategic coordination and transparency, innovation, ideation, conceptualization and a value proposition with correct strategic prioritization, budget management, governance and risks, all accompanied by change management and its correct measurement.


Culture and people: 

People and culture govern the generation of value. This requires a growth mindset, where people are open to continually learning, failing and recovering, with learning, uncertainty, continuous improvement, experimentation, and a collaborative culture.

They have to be focused on excellence to take advantage, embracing quality and adaptation as part of the DNA.

For this, the participation and responsibility of people is necessary, with alignment from all levels, delegation, empowerment and coordination with agile interactions at all levels.


Processes & flow:

Finally, the processes are represented in the organizational and operational design, by means of a structure that allows the relationship between people, teams, and adaptive structures to the environment, creating teams around results and not in verticals or silos. Improving the end-to-end vision, stability and the change from resource efficiency to a flow efficiency model, with correct topologies, dependency management, global services and flow.

How can I help you?

Regardless of where you are, I would like to be able to share my experience with you, but first of all listen to you, listen to you and listen to you. See your objectives, challenges, work your purpose for the organization, know what vision you have to be able to help you in the best possible, most efficient and effective way.

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