º Innovation ~ benefiting from changes through Lean and Agile approaches


Power is not the information, but the application of the knowledge generated to anticipate 



I provide advice, consulting, coaching and training to develop and mature areas of innovation at an operational level and innovation at a strategic level, working the business model introducing relevant changes or gradually to carry out a pivoting of the business model, by alternating innovation and disruption, prospecting in different relevant areas using medici techniques, generating a collaborative culture in the company that allows us to pivot between red and blue oceans. Relying on Open Innovation and the ShiftUp model by Jurgen Appelo created in 2019, through innovation vortex, an innovation funnel, based on the interaction of Lean, Agile, Design Thinking, Lean Startup tools and more tools, which as a framework Internal reference is based on the performance of Lean experiments, Canvas techniques, learning validations and deliberate practices based on the business maturity life cycle, validating hypotheses through PoC's even, with techniques such as Sean Ellis, NPS, F4P, Perfection Game From entrepreneurship, the creation of startup teams, scaled units, divisions, innovation panels and portfolio management at the company level, with innovation coaching to facilitate constant feedback thanks to the funnel and Kaizen techniques and resilient learning.