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For me the leadership is a set of skills, not only managerial or directive, that an individual has to influence the way of being or acting of people or in a certain work group, making this team work with enthusiasm towards the achievement of their goals and objectives.

There are 3 basic leadership skills, that are to work well, motivate people and facilitate change.

Adaptability is strength based on motivation and belief in yourself and your personal capabilities.

Faced with uncertainty, conformist individuals move away to seek their safe space, adaptable individuals face uncertainty head-on.

I help you to unleash your humane potential in your organization with organizational leadership.

Leaders by definition have followers, followers need guidance, guidance requires decisions, decision-making requires considering alternatives, considering alternatives requires considering uncertainty by embracing it. Today's leaders to be successful now have to learn to be comfortable with uncertainty and continually make changes; Today's leaders don't need followers, they need to enable comfort in uncertainty.

Ritsuo Shingo, the son of the prestigious Father of Modern Manufacture Shigeo Shingo has been considered the Nobel Prize in Manufacturing, Ritsuo Shingo was the translator of the first book on Toyota Production System in English written by his father, with whom I have had the pleasure of training in Practical Leadership Skills and learning from his wisdom and experience about the 'genba', original word in Japanese to designate the gemba, Flow, Ikigai, Lean and TPS.

Using the change in self-leadership is doing like water, you have to be fluid, find your way and open your own path. First it changes along with the circumstances, the environment marks the change, the water is powerful, first moving around an object and later moving the object. A small change can make a big difference.

The change in self-leadership makes you depend more on values, principles, strategies and intuition that gives knowledge towards organizational leadership.

I help generate a practical humane leadership from the 'genba', according to the current context so that leaders at the service of the organization emerge, unlocking the potential of people to obtain business results, all within a organizational culture adapted to the current context and environments.

From a lean leadership inspired by the spirit of Leadership Sensei Shingo with "Never give up!" & by the principle of Senekawo Miseru (Show your back). 
Organizational Change:
Is the strategy to satisfy the need for change. This need is based on the vision of the organization so that there is a better administrative, social, technical performance and an evaluation of improvements.

In order to have the knowledge of when to make changes in the organization, it is necessary to have good planning, to have well identified what its defects are, to identify problems and errors that the organization suffers, and to have reflected an approach to the consequences of the change to be produced.

To do so, you must answer the questions:

     Why change?
     Why change?
     What is the direction of change? 
You have to evaluate the context and environment, determine where you want to go, identify the existing gap, what problems exist, work on the desired future vision, and in the world of current uncertainty, design an iterative and incremental process that allows constant adaptation. on an initial plan, anticipating and reducing resistance, seeing the degree of achievement achieved. 

I am here to help you in your organizational change to develop strategies that allow acquiring new behaviors with the least possible resistance, showing successes and progress continuously.

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