º Resilient Learning ~ benefiting from changes through Lean and Agile approaches

Resilient Learning

 learning about error prevents you in the future

Resilience is the ability to face difficult situations, overcome them and emerge strengthened and with learning from those situations. 
Therefore, in order to be resilient, motivation, learning and recollection about past experiences are very important. For this, self-knowledge, self-esteem, emotional self-regulation, intrinsic motivation, empathy and social awareness and regulation are very important. Resilience is a human capacity that can be developed and strengthened. 
I help to develop resilience, to measure your level of resilience, as well as to identify indicators of the level of organizational resilience. 
Only through capacity development, practice through real scenarios, simulations and resilient learning cycles can we develop, improve and evolve our level of resilience, both individually and collectively. 
I help develop learning resilience at the individual and collective level through 7-step cycles that allow you to internalize a habit of both learning, collaboration and resilience, to place you in another position in the face of the existing challenges in today's world, as a person, leader and member of organizations. 
The Resilient Learning, for me, is the sum of 3 very important factors, leadership, resilience and the habit or training method of said learning and resilience.
The Resilient Learning is a cycle based on:
identify the appropriate materials and resources
→ assess the tasks and activities to be carried out → have self-knowledge → get feedback → collaborative learning → feedback from the group → connect globally on the individual level.

Organizational resilience is the ability to survive a crisis and thrive in a world of uncertainty through learning. It is a strategic decision, with foresight and situational awareness to prevent possible crises from arising, turning it into strategic opportunities.

Resilience is the sum of efficiency and agility.

I am here to help you develop organizational resilience through Resilient Learning. I help you to develop strategy resilience, organizational resilience, behavioral resilience & leadership resilience through Resilient Learning.

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