º TESTA ~ benefiting from changes through Lean and Agile approaches



 The TESTA Method Program!


 The TESTA method is a method to Transform Emotions & Sentiments Transcending through Actions (coaching towards Antifragility to evolve through purpose).

It is a 3-month accompaniment and coaching program with weekly sessions to help discover and release human potential, from your own transformation towards anti-fragility.

In the first part identifying the events, their interpretations, feelings and emotions experienced to become aware.

In a second part to consciously identify your ethics and the collective morality of your social and cultural context.

In a third part to develop antifragile culture, through strategies, dynamics and self-knowledge to develop the ability to adapt and benefit from the current context where others do not benefit.

Promote leadership through coaching by consciously transcending purpose, developing situational awareness, systemic ethics to have an impact, as well as evolving towards anti-fragility as an individual, team and organization.

Also through the mentoring process, to expand thinking and learn from all available resources through accompaniment and guidance, through specific programs or sessions.


I offer a program with 6 sessions of 60 minutes duration for 350 euros / 450 USD, with a 20% discount for referred clients.

Both during and after, you will have access to a community of knowledge, people to answer questions and grow exponentially based on shared experiences. 

Way to pay:

  •  PayPal (From 3 To 12 Months Without Interest) 
  • Stripe (debit & credit cards) 
  • Wire transfer

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