Versatile Organization Design


The unFix model has been created by Jurgen Appelo, a method with which I am a partnership in its development and evolution. It is organization design for continuous innovation and better human experience.

What comes after Management 3.0, SAFe and the Spotify Model?
Well, it's not hard to see which way the world is moving: organizations that consist of networked people working from anywhere, building teams on the go, aiming for goals and achieving results, and making that a lot of fun. for them.

Reshape the business.

Continuous improvement goes far beyond IT and beyond software and manufacturing. Innovation is more than just Agile and Lean.

Optimize the experience.

Customers don't care about products; they care about progress and happiness. Turn product-focused teams into experience enablers.

Ditch the matrix.

There's no speed in classical hierarchies and matrix organizations. Only self-managed units can act fast when faced with crises or opportunities.

Fix the transformation.

Clean up the mess created with various agile scaling frameworks. Stop the suffering inflicted by harmful implementation programs.

Stop the imitations.

Why implement a structure copied from someone else? Dare to be different. Do your own organization design.

Embrace innovation.

New ideas don't come from old approaches. You want continuous evolution of the business. Endless flexibility with just enough structure.

Repurpose the managers.

Don't buy into the "no managers" mantra. Turn managers into intrapreneurs and get them to manage the system, not the people.

Give people a tribe.

People leave companies that fail to offer them a sense of belonging and a feeling of recognition. Don't be that soulless company.

Enable hybrid working.

Work is not a place where people go; it is something they do. Be the company that stops pushing people around and starts getting things done.

Start small, grow big.

Disruptive change programs rarely work. Take a more gradual approach and then steadily scale up the transformation as you learn.

The unFIX Model for Versatile Organization Design
The Business Lifecycle
25 Drives Grid - What motivates people
JTBD - What is the gap
The Innovation Vortex
flOwKRs - Objectives and key results in flow
Sensemaking - Never waste a crisis
Behavior Change Dynamo - How can we change
Hybrid Working - Work from anywhere
Innovation Funnel  

How are the workshops?

Class size
We limit workshop size from 5 to 12 people for the best learning experienceThe training is divided into different small spaces throughout the month. Give people the opportunity to review the material, reflect in their own context between sessions, and come back with scenarios to be discussed in the group.

There will be 4 days sessions that will last 3 hours (12 hours). The workshop takes place online. There will be short breaks as desired.

The workshop, depending on the attendees, will be in Spanish or English.

Mid-level employees such as functional managers, product managers, coaches, consultants, team leaders, HR team members, change agents.

How can you participate in the online workshops?

There are no prerequisites for this online workshop, although it is recommended that the participant has knowledge or fundamentals of Change Management, Innovation, Leadership or Agile.
Some of the main technological requirements are listed below:
- Connection: Good internet connection.
- Equipment: Device to connect (i.e. PC, Laptop, Tablet).
- Video: Video camera for the sessions.
- Tools: Download and install Zoom on your computer.
- Materials: Have a Gmail account to use Google Drive.
- Platforms: Have a MURAL account. 


What will I receive? 

Slides. Presentation with the content of the workshop modules.
Posters & Games. Materials to carry out the exercises and practices during the workshop.
Ebooks. Digital books.
Certificate. Certificate of the workshop.
Badges. Digital credential

The price of the Workshop: 600 euros

Way to pay:

  •  PayPal
  • Stripe (debit & credit cards) 
  • Wire transfer 

As Official Trainer Consult or contact to have the best advice.