Business Agility Foundation (ICP-BAF) Workshop

Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) Online Workshop

We enable agility through innovation by certifying, allowing cycles of experimentation, adaptation and incremental improvement to benefit from change permanently with  ICAgile (ICP-BAF) Certification.

We conduct open calls periodically and we also conduct training in organizations based on needs.

I offer 16-hour workshops online with 8 short-days (2 hours/day) or in person (depending on future needs), adaptable to your needs in 4 hours/day (4 medium-days) or 8 hours/day (2 days) to facilitate the acquisition and implementation of knowledge.

The Business Lifecycle

Change, Agility, Innovation, Value & Complexity, The 10 Business Lifecycle stages, Problem/Solution Fit, Product/Market Fit, Business/Market Fit

The Business Quilt

The pieces of the Business Model Quilt, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Minimum Viable Products, Pivot, Patch & Persevere

The Innovation Vortex

The seven streams of the Innovation Vortex, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Design Sprints, Lean Personas, Jobs To Be Done, Journey Maps

Lean-Agile Principles

Agile Manifesto, Lean Thinking

Purpose & Objectives

Product Vision, Hoshin Kanri, North Star Metrics, Objectives & Key Results

Performance & Metrics

Velocity, Burn Rate, Queue Length, Flow Efficiency, Burn Charts, CFDs, Pirate Metrics

The Innovation Funnel

Innovation Board, Innovation Accounting, Metered Funding

Lean-Agile Mindset

Growth Mindset, Mental Models



 How are the workshops?

Class size
We limit workshop size from 5 to 12 people for the best learning experience. The training is divided into different small spaces throughout the month. Give people the opportunity to review the material, reflect in their own context between sessions, and come back with scenarios to be discussed in the group.

There will be two  days / weekly sessions that will last 4 hours or four days /weekly sessions tha last 2 hours. The workshop takes place online. There will be short breaks as desired.

The worshop, depending on the attendees, will be in Spanish or English.

Mid-level employees such as functional managers, product managers, coaches, consultants, team leaders, HR team members, change agents.

How can you participate in the online workshops?

There are no prerequisites for this online workshop, although it is recommended that the participant has knowledge or fundamentals of Change Management, Innovation, Leadership or Agile.
Some of the main technological requirements are listed below:
- Connection: Good internet connection.
- Equipment: Device to connect (i.e. PC, Laptop, Tablet).
- Video: Video camera for the sessions.
- Tools: Download and install Zoom on your computer.
- Materials: Have a Gmail account to use Google Drive.
- Platforms: Have a MURAL account. 


What will I receive? 

Slides. Presentation with the content of the workshop modules.
Posters & Games. Materials to carry out the exercises and practices during the workshop.
Ebooks. Digital books.
Certificate. Certificate of the workshop.
Badges. Digital credential.

The price of the Workshop: 500 euros

Way to pay:

  •  PayPal
  • Stripe (debit & credit cards) 
  • Wire transfer 

Consult or contact to have the best advice.